Hi nice to meet you! I’m Natacha, The author and recipe developer for a French mum and wife residing in London . My food blog features simple and quick delicious, family friendly recipes, with thoroughly detailed step-by-step preparation methods, supported with accurate photos , mini video clips in some post and via YouTube links. I am sure by now you will be asking yourself; how did I get here? Well, I’ve always been very passionate about cooking.

I developed a passion for writing and creating food content . My family means everything to me and their appearance in my life inspired me to start this blog. I wanted to be present for them and I also wanted to be present for my passion. Instead of wearing nursing outfits and going to various hospitals and clinics working 12 hour shifts; I dedicated my time to following my passion for cooking, writing and creating content.

From an early age, I loved the media. I always knew I wanted to talk and write. In school, my English literature teachers thought my essays were phenomenal and sometimes used them as examples for the entire class. This made me gain confidence in my ability to write.

“NATRECIPES ” began in 2019 and my niche is all about simplicity. Feel free to share my recipes on your social media links . Like, Comment, share and join my email list so you are notified when a new recipe is uploaded on this blog. I also happen to have a YouTube channel where I share my cooking videos so hope you enjoy watching them too. This channel “CookwithNat” is an extension to my blog where I share my cooking videos which I encourage you all to visit, subscribe and turn on your notification bell so you do not miss out on any new recipes.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to connect with me on and You could send me a direct email at Thank you for visiting!