This hearty stewed pinto beans is so tasty, garlicky with a delicious tomato base. Enjoy on boiled rice, with plantains or any side you like. So good!

This dish is very simple to make and a family favourite ; Stewed Pinto Beans. We eat beans almost every single or twice weekly with different things on the side with boiled rice , SWEET FRIED PLANTAIN, sweet potatoes or puff puff recipe ;my favourite.

I love making a big pot so I could have a big bowl of stewed beans in the fridge. Because with that I could quickly cook a simple side and we have a meal as a family . This recipe was cooked with hard pinto beans that was soaked overnight and boiled in a pressure cooker . i swear by this multi pressure cooker that also steams and cooks a variety of other dishes . This pot is the secret to pre cooking your hard beans within 20 to 30 minutes.
soft pinto beans

We also enjoy African black beans stew more times than I can count which is delicious with PUFF-PUFF AND BEANS/BEIGNETS HARICOTS and SWEET FRIED PLANTAIN ! And most recently, this stewed pinto beans is what we’ve been enjoying especially on some weekends. I see it when I go to my favourite grocery store here and I always can’t resist buying some for storage !

I love buying my beans dry and boiling it from scratch. It is the way we cook beans back in the day.

Hard pinto beans

Canned beans isn’t just my thing but its also great when you have less time in the kitchen and no need to pre boil before cooking

soft pinto beans

But if you want to use canned beans, by all means, do so. but note that canned beans contain a lot of sodium so do not forget to get rid of the water inside the can and rinse very well before cooking. This recipe is great for Can beans Jamaican rice and peas recipe.


I love keeping the ingredients simple for this recipe compared to my African black beans stew which has more ingredients. Pinto Stewed beans is a favourite with kids as this contains less spices. For this recipe you will need 2 red onions, 1 chopped can tomatoe or 4 fresh tomatoes, crayfish powder , palm oil, and salt That’s it! And the stewed pinto beans tastes amazing like this.

However, when I have more time on my hands, I make a blend of fresh garlic, ginger, green onions (or leeks), parsley and sometimes basil and I use the blend in the beans depending on the recipe I want to recreate. I love cooking beans because its very versatile and can be cooked in different ways.

Watch how to make stewed pinto beans

This stewed pinto beans will taste great whether cooked with dry or fresh spices. It is so good!