sunny side up

Sunny side up eggs make a few for breakfast, or add one to any meal for extra protein. No matter how you serve them, they’re guaranteed to be delicious. Sunny side up eggs have a runny yolk. I just prefer mine well cooked. Serve with French toast, sliced avocado, pancakes . Top up with orange juice or a homemade smoothie 👌

Served with french toast brown seeded bread

Heat control is crucial here. Too much heat, and the whites will toughen and brown at the edges. Not enough, and the yolks will cook partway through by the time the whites are set. Listen to the pan, and watch the whites for cues that your pan is properly heated. We use a little extra oil in this dish so there’s enough for basting. The hot oil baste lets you set the whites without covering the pan and clouding the yolks. I prefer my eggs well done so the cooking of the yolk is down to your preference.


4 eggs

1 onion

1 tomatoe


Pinch of maggi cubes

Mixed herbs

Butter or vegetable oil

Chili ( optional )

Heat oil in an nonstick skillet over medium-low. Gently crack eggs into pan. You shouldn’t hear a hiss, and the eggs should lie flat and still. If you hear sizzling or the whites flutter or bubble at all, turn down the heat. Cook 3 minutes or until the whites are mostly set, with some still-runny whites near the yolks if you prefer your yolks runny. Tilt pan toward you so oil pools on the bottom edge; dip a spoon in the oil, and gently baste the uncooked patches of white until they’re set. Be careful not to baste the yolks, or they’ll cloud over like cataracts. Sprinkle the seasoning, then add the tomatoes and onions. Remove eggs from pan, leaving excess oil behind.

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