A delicious African spicy oxtail soup that will warm you up. Made with exotic spices and flavoured with ginger, garlic, hot scotch bonnet pepper, onions, celery and herbs.

Ok, here I go again . This time its oxtail pepper soup. Yes, pepper soup can be cooked with goat meat, fish, beef, shaki etc. goat meat.

If you are wondering what oxtail meat tastes like, I would say it taste just like lamb shanks or beef brisket. So feel free to replace oxtail with lamb shanks or beef brisket.

Pepper soup is a very light soup made with a variety of ingredients- ranging from everyday generic spices like garlic, ginger, onions to exotic African spices like  

njansang , Musodo, Mungellà, Okhuen, Ezezang, Akpi ( seed )


Country onion


Pebe ( African false nutmeg )


Prekese; Uhio, Essese / 4 cote powder


Despite the pepper pepper soup name, it can be made with or without hot scotch bonnet pepper. Although, most of the soups I have encountered have all been spicy hot. Some of them are so heavily spiced that it is hard for the average person to consume. The chilli you chose to use in your pepper soup is optional



500 grams oxtail

1 celery

1/4 ginger

1 garlic clove


Bay leaf

3 maggi cubes

White pepper

Njansang Pebe ( African nutmeg)

Country onion

Garlic powder can replace Country onion also be another option

1 red onion

Black pepper


Scotch bonnet pepper 🌶


I added some plantains to the dish. Potatoes or yam can also be used which is optional

Green plantains