African Peanut Stew-spicy ,Quick and easy peanut butter soup .  

In the Western part of africa , Peanuts are almost invariably eaten as snack, mixed into salads, or transformed into peanut butter paste. However, in Africa, this nut has been an important source of food for centuries  and used in a number of different ways-throughout the continent depending on the region. Peanuts are a very popular snack but also commonly used to add flavour to sauces, soups or add thickness to any meal.

Peanut Butter Stew is enjoyed in Togo, Mali, Nigeria Ghana, Cameroon. You can see my recipe for Cameroonian Peanut Stew called GROUNDNUT SOUP with fried tilapia fish. There are several ways to make African Peanut Stew across the countries where it is eaten!

In West Africa, peanuts are used to make this hearty stew – a rich stew with a tempting combination of flavors – garlic, ginger, herbs and of course a little bit of spice. The good thing about this recipe is that it is open to so many variations based on your preferences, availability of ingredients and time. so you can never go wrong with this soup.


4 red peppers

6 fresh tomatoes

4 celery sticks

2 large onions

3 Garlic gloves

1 tbsp thyme

1 tbsp parsley

1/2 stem ginger

3 maggi cubes

white pepper

4 tbsp smooth peanut butter

vegetable oil

Fish used in recipe Tilapia . Mackerel is another type of fish i will recommend for this recipe

Fried Tilapia Fish


African peanut stew only requires a handful of simple ingredients.

Here they are:

Natural Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is the main ingredient. Preferably get the natural one with only salt added.

Beef, goat meat, Lamb , fish or Chicken: I love using fish or goat meat because of the flavour it gives to the peanut stew. But chicken or lamb are both equally good!

Tomato sauce or paste: The combination of tomatoes and peanuts may sound strange if you aren’t used to West African cooking but this works together perfectly well! The tomato sauce really enhances the taste and the texture stew. It also combines with the peanuts to lend the stew a bright orange color. You could use tomato paste too but if using tomato paste, use about half the quantity of tomato sauce the recipe calls for.

Top tip

Parboil your tomatoe blended mixture to remove excess water so you are left with a lovely base for your peanut stew

Onion: One large onion is essential here. Saute it first to create a powerful base of flavor before proceeding with the rest of the cooking.

Garlic and celery : These two will add so much flavor to the dish so do not skip these two ingredients!

Chicken bouillon powder or maggi: Bouillon cubes are frequently used in West African cuisine. They just give meals that extra something-something. For an authentic West African taste use bouillon powder or bouillon cubes.

Vegetable oil: For sauteing the onion.

Habanero sweet peppers: For a much needed spicy kick! The spiciness of the pepper balances the richness of the stew so well.

perfect tomatoe base for your peanut stew


This African Peanut Stew can be served with boiled rice. Also, serve with some SWEET FRIED PLANTAIN on the side if you can. It can also be served with couscous if you want an alternative to rice. Also, I love this stew with some French bread and I highly suggest you try it! It is a great stew that will basically compliment lots of side dishes either carb-filled or low carb.


Yes, you can totally freeze your African Peanut Stew! It is also a great recipe to make ahead and keep in the fridge.

Hope you enjoy this West African Peanut Stew recipe. It is the best!

Watch me cook this delicious soup