Heart and Liver kebab

Tender pieces of beef heart and Liver marinated in an aromatic spice blend, skewered and garnished with onions, sweet peppers and then grilled to perfection. This can be paired with some fried ripe plantain as a starter, Jellof rice as a meal and you’ll have one fantastic meal full of flavour and very filling too!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s something seriously alluring about eating meat on skewers. No forks, knives or cutting required. Just pure juiciness in every delicious bite making your taste buds yearn for more and more as soon as the last piece is over. The perfect finger food

Ah pure pleasure!

Have you noticed that you tend to eat way too much with grilled meat when they are skewered? I certainly do. If you do, high five to that! 

What is a Kabob on skewers?

You may ask, what is “meat kebab commonly known as shish or doner kebabs”? This term grilled cube meat in skewers is said to have its Turkish and Armenian roots and has become very popular in Western food culture. This dish  is very versatile meaning any choice of meat can be used and is tremendously loved by people from all over the world.

marinated meat on skewers ready for the grill

Can I Use Another Kind of Meat?

Yes, you can. And aside from beef and lamb meat, kabobs can be made from chicken, pork, heart, liver, kidneys, fish, prawns etc.

Kabob Marinade

As for the marinade, there are really no strict rules to follow. But if  you are after the best, rich-flavored beef kebabs that will make you moan with pleasure, then I’d say marinate it at least two hours in the fridge or preferably overnight. This would give time for the flavor to penetrate every inch of the meat. 

If there are any spices that you don’t particularly  care for, then leave it out. Just the garlic, ginger, paprika and sweet peppers alone for garnishing will make it really tasty. I sometimes play around with the spices and add or take some out to suit my mood. 

It’s your kebab — make it work for you!!!


Beef Heart and Liver

1 tbsp of paprika

1 tbsp of suya spice

1 tbsp of thyme

1 tbsp white pepper

1 tsp Black pepper

Some parsley leaves for the paste

3 gloves of garlic

1/2 ginger

1 tbsp of chilli paste

1 tbsp all purpose seasoning

Vegetable oil


2 large red onions

1 of each ( Yellow and Red peppers )

Method of preparation

Enjoy !