Pepper sauce
pepper sauce

I love having pepper sauce at home because it makes a whole lot of meals and snacks more palatable. This is definitely a kitchen hack!

I like to add a little tomato to mine to intensity the vibrant red colour and this helps to reduce the water down the heat from the pepper. Please omit the tomatoes if that doesn’t work for you but just know that your sauce will be fiery hot.

I equally like to bless my pepper sauce with some garlic and spring onion because these two bring out an unbeatable dimension of taste. Then I add a seasoning cube to bring out all those wonderful flavours. You need to have a jar, bowl, cup, bottle to store your peppe as it is well preserve in an air tight container.

“Avoid using onions as this produces water “

Try this recipe and never look back. It is a BOMB!

The good news is this recipe only requires a few ingredients


20 scotch bonnet pepper

3 maggi cubes

1 spring onion

1 tomatoe

2 garlic cloves cut into 4 pieces

1 cup vegetable oil

Watch me make this recipe

  • You could store your sauce in a refrigerator if you want. This could keep for up to a month when properly stored with enough oil that covers the surface.
  • Double or triple the recipe depending on the quantity you want.
  • When the sauce starts to boil, your house may smell peppery and cause you to sneeze. Do well to cover your pot or frying pan to reduce the smell and only open to add oil. Reduce your heat before adding oil so the mixture doesn’t splash on you. Thereafter, return your heat to normal.
  • You could also use this sauce as a marinade to spice up meat, fish or chicken. Delicious!
  • Alternately, I would suggest you blend your pepper with oil so when stiring, the pepper mix will fry naturally for a few minutes. Yum yum!