Such a wonderful side dish  to add to any dinner table.

In this post, you will learn how to make the perfect sweet fried plantains every time.

What is the one thing I and my family  cannot stop eating? Sweet fried plantains!

Checkout video for more information on how ripe plantains look like, how to slice the plantain into different shapes of preference, how to fry and how to absorb the oil after frying 

Ripe plantains
Green Plantains

Another name for fried ripe plantain is also known as “dodo” in some West African countries, fried plantains are a real treat especially for kids; they will love them as they are naturally sweet!

Fried plantains are equally also enjoyed in the Carribean and in South America. They can be eaten  with fried or scrambled eggs for  breakfast. I love them  with stewed beans, spinach or a sautéed onion stew with meat at the side 😁. They can be  eaten  on its own or with stewed anything! 

This is just one method of cooking ripe plantains. I shall be posting different plantain recipes as i go along. Plantain is one of my favourites to eat ( ripe and unripe) so there will be plenty more exciting recipes coming up shortly.

 The point is plantain is such are a versatile dish and nutritous too! That is why my friends I am dedicating a post to how to make the perfect Sweet Fried Plantains!

The perfect dodo should be thoroughly cooked on the inside and have a golden brown color. The key is to regulate the heat of your oil so the plantains don’t burn on the outside without being cooked on the inside.

You should try making this too at home. I,m sure you will like it !

Happy cooking 😊

Prepare by washing the outer skin on the plantain if needed as depending on where you buy the plantain, it might need some washing first. Do so in order to prevent germs . 

2.  Peel the plantains by slicing the skin along the length of its ridges. Don’t slice in too deeply. Please watch video above for more guidance. Depending on your preference, some people prefer it thick, i prefer mine a little bit thin . That’s just how we like it !

3. Heat up the oil on medium-high heat and deep fry the plantains, flipping to the other side . The plantains should spend a total of about 5 to 10 minutes cooking in the oil. Once they start getting brown, that’s a sign they are now ready to come out of the frying pan

4. Place the plantains on paper towels so that the paper towels can absorb the excess oil.

5. There you go;  you have perfect Sweet Fried Plantains!

6. Serve as a side dish or eat with any food of your choice. A great choice for kids 👌

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