This sticky jasmine rice recipe with mutton all happens in one-pot! It is unlike any rice recipe you have seen before because of its uniqueness in flavour and how delicious it is. This dish was on the menu for my sister’s birthday and all i can tell you was ” can we have seconds please”. It was no joke; the deliciousness of this dish was the topic of the evening. When you make a recipe that your whole family adores then you know it one for the blog and very excited to share so that others too can try this simple delicious recipe at home with just few basic ingredients which all starts with the stock of the mutton from its natural flavour blended in spices. That is the number one secret to a delicious jollof recipe ; its all down to the stock of your choice of meat. Even my kiddos who hate veggies in their rice gobbled this down and went for seconds (and thirds).



Here are the ingredients you will need for a very simple uncomplicated recipe

Rosemary, thyme, parsley, 2 maggi cubes, ground cumin, 2 red onions, 1 white onion, salt, paprika powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, 1 tsbp of lamb all purpose seasoning, water, mixed vegetables, spring onions, red peppers, concentrated tomatoe, curry powder, vegetable oil or canoli oil

Step one will be to wash meat of your choice. In this recipe i used lamb.  I always use lemon to wash my meat because using lemon juice, lime juice or vinegar to wash off your meat or chicken and fish before cooking kills bacteria and gives the dish an extra hint of flavour. This is a common practice in african , West Indies/Caribbean households.

Step 2 will be to fry the  onions until slightly brown then add  your lamb with the rosemary, thyme, parsley, 1 maggi cube, salt, ginger powder, garlic powder, 1 tsbp of lamb all purpose seasoning, water,  spring onions. I prefer using red onions for my stock as it adds extra flavour to the dish . Please note meat  has water so depending on the quantity of lamb, a little water will go along when boiling the meat. 

step 3 . Allow the meat to boil for 20 minutes and set the stock aside in another empty bowl

step 4. Wash the jasmine rice and set aside. At this stage you can also parboil. I usually do not like to  parboil my rice but this is optional. 

step 5 . Using the same pot , put a little bit of vegetable oil, fry the white onions, concentrated tomatoe, chopped red peppers,  mixed vegetables like carrots and peas, corn ( tin ), curry powder, paprika powder . Allow to fry for 2 minutes then add the rice , the remaining 1 maggi cube, stock and few cups of warm water. To ensure you are using the right amount of water for the rice , you have another option to measure the quanity of rice and water you will want to use with a measuring cup. 

step 6. Cover the pot tightly and let the rice cook until done. I  normally use foil paper because at this stage, you want to steam the rice. Let it rest for about 5 minutes then fluff the rice.

step7. Serve the fried rice warm! This is hands down the best recipe ever!

Frying the raw rice in oil at the beginning causes the rice to take on a nutty, toasty flavor. It is to die for!

This is the perfect for comfort food. Great recipe for to make on weekdays and on special days . Double, triple or quadruple this recipe and make it for a party. I made this for my sisters birthday and everyone in the room asked for the recipe ;it was so delicious 😋. It is so festive with lamb full of flavour,  nutty rice, and veggies. Your guests will be going for seconds and thirds. A recipe totally approved by my whole family!