This Fried Rice was a very quick recipe which was cooked  all in one-pot! It is unlike any fried rice recipe you have seen before.

When you make a recipe that was this delicious and appreciated by the whole family,  you know it one for the blog.

My son who hates veggies with his rice even loved this dish 🙌😁

 I am excited to share my simple  fried rice recipe with you guys. 

Try this fried rice recipe and I promise you will love it. Great recipe too if you have no time but just want to make a quick recipe for yourself or family . 

This was served with grilled  pork chops 😋.

Recipe will follow shortly !



1. Rice

Basmati rice works well with this recipe. I enjoy cooking with  basmati rice as it can withstand all the frying and steaming without falling apart. Basmati is that rice. You can use any brand of basmati for this recipe. If you want to use long grain rice; then thats fine too.

2. Onions

Gives flavour to the food and its a starter base for most dishes when cooking. I,ll recommend red onions if using meat or chicken for extra flavour with the stock

3. Mixed vegetables ( carrots, peas)

These category of veggies go well with fried rice recipe. It  brings some freshness and makes the meal colorful. Ideally fresh vegetables are ideal when making fried rice but for thos recipe inused frozen veggies which is also time effective 

4. Ginger and garlic ( powder version too is fine)

These two gives a good flavour to most dishes. I prefer using the powder version when cooking fried rice as it enables me to take the right portion needed 

5. Bayleaf and thyme

Great combo for fried rice recipes. 

6. Used 2 chicken cubes for extra seasoning. Any cubes of your choice can also be used. Sometimes I also use all purpose seasoning 

7. Pepper. Just a little bit was used from my pepper jar yet why it is not in the picture . Rarely put 🌶 in the food when cooking as I make chilli sauce separately. My hubby is not really a big fan of spicy food and son cannot tolerate the heat either 

8. Curry powder 

For flavour and the yellow colour it gives the rice. A little bit if turmeric can also be used if you run out of curry powder . I used a teaspoon in this recipe


As seen above, I included videos so its easy to follow. I washed the basmati rice 3 times to remove all the starch and then started off by frying the onions.

Once golden brown I then added the remaining spices as seen and mentioned from the ingredient section. 

Let it cook for 2 minutes then add your veggies. You can use any of your choice. I just love using carrots and peas. I ran out of corn 🌽 so if you have it in your fridge, add some to the veggie mixture.  Corn is also delicious and nutritous  in fried rice 

Fresh vegetables are ideal when making friend rice but if you have less time to spend in the kitchen, you can also use frozen vegetables. This is also great for anyone on a low budget as fresh vegetables can be costly. In this recipe I used frozen vegetables as

Add your washed rice and then stir. Let it steam for 35 mins. I usually steam with foil paper or you can also steam with a clear plastic bag. Make sure it washed and clean. Place it on the rice when your stock or water level has reduced.

Typically with fried rice, you will pan fry veggies at the side and depending on your preference you can add liver, beef, shrimps, mushrooms, fish, coconut flakes. 

My recipe is one pot fried rice as it super quick and easy especially when you have less time to spend in the kitchen. 

A great recipe for students too or if you are a busy person and had no time to spend longer hours in the kitchen