PS: If you do not like groundnuts (peanuts) or have an allergy, this is not the post for you. If you like groundnuts,and enjoy eating anything peanut; groundnut soup, then  you are in for a treat! I absolutely love this recipe as you do not need alot of ingredients and doesn’t take long to cook. I cooked groundnut soup today and it was heaven. The aroma in my kitchen ; hmm. Groundnut soup is very “nutty” and  undergoes a process of gradual roasting, fine grinding then simmering with exotic spices in a rich beef or chicken stock. I actually made this recipe with fried tilapia fish and my goodness; the result? A creamy, groundnutty soup that is full of flavours ready to eat with rice, plantain , fufu or any side starch dish of your choice. Are you hungry; dnt worry in 30 to 40mins, groundnut soup will be ready . Lets get cooking !

The selling point of this soup is that it comes together in no time. You only need a few simple ingredientsas mentioned earlier.

Raw groundnuts, 2 tomatoes, onions, ginger, 3 garlic cloves, all purpose seasoning, 2 maggi cubes, oil , warm water and fish.

If you do not want to roast your own groundnuts, then by all means, use plain peanut butter off the jar. Ideally if you are looking for the original groundnut soup, then i,ll recommend you use groundnuts for this recipe. The only advantage to your choice maybe because of time factor, using peanut butter will greatly reduce your cooking time. This is optional but you will decide on what’s best for you. 

 I love roasting and grinding my own groundnuts because to me the soup tastes more authentic that way.


I made a quick video for you guys. See the whole process and how the whole thing comes together.

Different countries in Africa have different ways of preparing this soup. Sometimes, it is cooked with palm oil,  sometimes, it is simmered with a variety of meats, chicken or fish. Sometimes, potatoes and carrots are also added into it.  In Africa, there are  different names for this dish too.  In Ghana It is known as Nkatenkwan, In west african countries ; it is  known as Maafe and in french sauce d’arachide. It is popularly known as groundnut soup in cameroon but some people call it peanut soup too expecially if groundnuts are not used but smooth peanut paste.  I believe in Uganda, they call it peanut butter soup. It really has a wide appeal especially among African folks. I think groundnut is not really given the respect it deserves when it comes to soups as vegetable soups are the most spoke about . Groundnut is a very special soup which can also have other vegetables added to it such as okra, spinach etc depending on your preference. I  love eating my groundnut soup with boiled  plantain but its also amazing with rice which is the way it is usaully eaten by many.  It also goes well with yam or garri.

My top 5 favourite soups of all times . Simply delicious!

Enjoying mine with plantain. Get cooking and Enjoy !