Okra egusi soup served with garri

The taste of the Egusi just takes the soup to a whole new level hence why this is my favourite way of eating okro soup. My little boy also enjoys eating this dish and you know what? We eat with no guilt what so ever. Okra is very nutritious, healthy and great for kids.

Pair this delicious soup with some garri, cassava fufu known as “waterfufu” in cameroonian slang, corn fufu, semolina, rice or whatever rocks your pallette…


1 and a half cups of fresh okra finely chopped 

1 cup of ground egusi 

2 pounds (or 1 kg)  meat of your choice

A bowl of dry fish ( Optional)

Scotch bonnet pepper ( optional ) not ideal when cooking for kids. I have a seperate recipe for chilli which goes very well with vegetable soup if you prefer chilli in your food .

2 Maggi cubes, 1 vegetable stock cube, 1 beef stock cube, Onga . All purpose seasoning is optional. Taste your dish as you go along.

Salt to taste. This was only used to season the meat 

Half a cup ground crayfish

2 chopped onions

Boil your meat so you can reserve some stock for the dish. I added  dry fish to it for extra flavour. If using dry  fish bought from a packet, make sure you soak it with some water as the fish tends to be hard out of the packet. After 5 minutes of soaking the dry fish , wash and add the fish to the meat stock to boil as thi will soften the fish whilst giving your stock extra flavour.

Smoked fish can also be used at this stage . This is down to your preference. For this recipe, no smoked fish was used !

1/2 cup of vegetable oil which is optional. You can choose to fry your meat if you prefer. Ideally this recipe does not need oil as egusi tends to produce its own naturals oils to the dish . 


Let all that egusi-okra goodness marry together for about five to ten minutes.
My friend, you just made for yourself something delicious .