Yes, this is really happening. 30 minutes and dinner is served. I must also add that you only need few ingredients and you will have a wholesome delicious dinner waiting to be devoured. Does life get better than this? You guys, let me introduce you to your new favourite quick-fix: 30-minute spaghetti dinner. Whoop



mince meat or beef burgers

Red peppers, Yellow and Orange

mixed frozen vegetables.

1 vegetable maggi cube

1 beef maggi cube

ginger powder

garlic powder

mild curry powder


1 onion

vegetable oil


Italian style tomato and basil meatball sauce in a jar


 Boil the spaghetti according to package instructions.

Strain and keep aside. Pan fry the beef burgers or mince meat and keep  aside.

In a large pan, heat olive oil and saute onions. Add vegetables and spices as mentioned above .

Add in bolognase sauce and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Finally, add in the spaghetti  and mix. Let it marry with the sauce for about two minutes. Dinner is ready!

Recipe Notes You do not need any extra seasoning in this recipe. The Both vegetable and beef cube are tasty enough. Great, quick and easy recipe for kids; very  tasty too . This dish also makes a great lunch or dinner.

Hubby loves spaghetti and our prince too so this is a favourite in this household and very quick to make too. This dinner is perfect for weeknights, busy nights or just any night when you do not want to spend hours in the kitchen. A great recipe for kids and hope you and your family enjoy it!

Bonne Appetite